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About Gomoh

The census town of Gomoh lies in the district of Dhanbad in the Jharkhand State. Gomoh has its connection with some renowned political parties like Communist Party of India and CUOI (or Citizens Unity of India) which was initiated by Mr. Sourabh Kumar. The town also boasts of some well-known politicians like Mr. Surandra Kumar Sharma who is a famous communist. The nearby cities to Gomoh are Dhanbad, Eesari, Giridih and Bokaro.

About Gomoh
Netaji Subhas Chanra Bose Gomoh Railway Station

History of Gomoh

The town of Gomoh has special importance in history as well. According to the historical records, on 18th January 1941, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose boarded Howrah-Kalka mail while escaping. On the platform 1 and platform 2 of Gomoh’s Railway Station, one can witness the statue of Netaji. Moreover, to commemorate the significant halt of Netaji at Gomoh, the railway staffs arrange a cultural program every year on 23rd January (on Netaji’s Birthday). Besides this, a fair is also organized at the Football Ground owned by the Railway, which continues for 7 days. Every year this fair begins from 11th March in the memory of “Sadanand Jha” (the famous labor leader who was murdered). Gomoh also houses 2 huge playgrounds.

Geography and Climate of Gomoh

Gomoh coordinates at 23.87 degrees in the North and 86.17 degrees in the East. The avg. elevation of the town is 803 ft or 245 m. Gomoh is a pollution and dust-free town which is surrounded by small charming hills. The place offers a pleasant climate due to which the patients going through poor health conditions are advised to visit this town to improve their health conditions. The natural exquisiteness and lush green environs of the town enthralls all and sundry. Gomoh witnesses hot summers and during this season the minimum temperature remains around 27 degree Celsius while the maximum temperature shoots up to 41 degree Celsius. In winter months, the minimum temperature remains between 8 to 10 degrees while the maximum temperature remains stuck between 27 and 29 degree Celsius.

Demography of Gomoh

According to the census of 2011, the population of Gomoh was 31495. Females comprise 46 percent whereas the males comprise about 54 percent of the total populace. Gomoh’s avg. literacy rate is 84.36 percent which is much greater as compared to the national avg. i.e. 66.41 percent with the percentage of male & female literacy as 90.90 percent and 77.27 percent respectively. The percentage of kids, who belong to the age group of less than 6 years, is 12.56 percent of the populace.

Culture of Gomoh

Culture of Gomoh
Festivals in Gomoh

Gomoh is home to people with various religious and social identity. One can witness innumerable Anglo-Indians in the town who have been dwelling here from the time of the British period. Thus, in Gomoh the Christian community also has a controlling effect on locals. There is a part of Sikh population which colonized here prior to independence and their main occupation was business. A major fraction of the populace comprises Bengalis and hence the Bengali culture has a great contribution to the culture of Gomoh.Though, the number of Bengalis has been declining for past few decades. A mini Kolkata can be witnessed in Gomoh during Durga Puja, when a large number of Bengalis gather to celebrate this joyous festival with great fervor. A significant population of Muslims also contributes to the Gomoh culture. Diwali, Durga Puja, Holi, Gurunanak birthday, Chatt Puja, Christmas and Id are the main festivals of Gomoh.

Business and Economy of Gomoh

Gomoh is a railway town due to which a greater part of the population is employed in railways in different grades. These railway employees do not hail from Gomoh, however they have been transferred here from various parts of India and now have settled here. Thus, they also contribute majorly to the populace of the town. Besides this, there exists a robust category of business men in Gomoh. The various businesses that have been flourishing in the town are- Bakery and confectionery business, apparel business, food grain business, building material (like bricks, cement, iron rods) business etc. Although all these businesses are mainly dominated by the Marwari community, yet one can see the contribution of people from diverse religious beliefs. A part of the population is also engrossed in agriculture which involves growing a variety of vegetables and a few cereals.

Places of Attractions in Gomoh

Some of the most notable places of attractions in Gomoh are the Jama Masjid located in the Loco Bazaar, a Madarsa and a Masjid at the Purana Bazaar, graveyard and Id-gah located in the Laludih area. The magnificent Jama Masjid of Loco Bazaar is the most ancient mosque of Gomoh. The Muslim locals of Gomoh who went to Pakistan after partition, laid the foundation stone of this mosque. There is also a renowned Gurudwara which is nestled at the Loco Bazaar and is flocked by numerous Sikhs from the neighboring areas. There is a Kali Mandir located in the Rajabagan locality , which is a very popular and auspicious shrine and revered by a myriad of devotees in Gomoh.

Healthcare in Gomoh

Hospitals in Gomoh
Healthcare Services

There is a scarcity of proper healthcare services in Gomoh. Even today the town has insufficient number of good doctors and nursing homes. Although Gomoh houses a handful of private and government nursing homes, these medical units fall short in providing even the fundamental treatment. The following are some notable medical units that operate in Gomoh:
  • Railway Hospital- Especially caters to the railway employees and at times it also caters to the patients privately who are from non-railway background.
  • PHC Gomoh situated at Jitpur
  • Some other small clinics that are run privately

Civic Amenities in Gomoh

The civic amenities in Gomoh which includes roads, sanitation, electricity, water and transportation are in awful state. The residents of Gomoh enjoy electricity almost throughout the year with occasional power cuts. Now coming to the status of roads in Gomoh, there are a few roads that are owned by the State Government and a few other roads that are owned by the railways. Water conditions for railway employees are adequate and well-timed. Whereas, people other than the railway employees, need to make individual preparations for water. People who are affluent have set up their own tube wells because the government hand pumps are quite small in number. Of late, the government has built 2 huge water tanks to bestow the residents with water in various parts of Gomoh.

Transport in Gomoh

Gomoh is connected with all the important cities of the country via efficient rail network. The railway network of the town is well-organized and quite old. The Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Gomoh Railway Station is the major rail head of the town of Gomoh which came into being in 1906. This railway station is located on Grand Chord line which comes under the Dhanbad Div. of East Central Rlwy. Earlier it was known as the Gomoh railway Station which was renamed in the year 2009 in the admiration of Netaji’s extended trip from the Gomoh rail head out of British rule in the year 1941.
There are many long-way trains that halt at Gomoh. In addition, there are numerous passenger trains which link Gomoh with the neighboring towns and cities. Gomoh is the gathering point for the trains emerging from Howrah, Puri and Ranchi.

Netaji Subhas Chanra Bose Gomoh Railway Station
Location: Gomoh, Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India
Operated by: East Central Railway
Line(s): Asansol-Gaya section of Grand Chord, Howrah-Gaya-Delhi line and Howrah-Allahabad-Mumbai line
Gomoh-Barkakana branch line
NSC Bose Gomoh-Hatia line
Adra-Gomoh line
Station code: GMO
Division(s): Dhanbad

Recently, the town has been ignored in numerous railway budgets and a majority of newly introduced trains keep away from halting at this very place. In last couple of years there has been a considerable boost in number of commuters, however hardly any fresh trains have been launched in Gomoh. All the trains either have a stoppage at Parasnath or at Dhanbad and it totally ignore the vast population inhabiting in between. The nearest airport to Gomoh is the Ranchi Airport which is located approximately 106 kms away from Gomoh. Local transport in Gomoh depends predominantly on cycle rickshaws. Thus, to travel within the town it is better if you can have your personal vehicle. Bus services can also be availed from Gomoh that ply between Ranchi, Jamshedpur and Bokaro.

Hotels and Restaurants in Gomoh

Gomoh does not have many accommodation options for its tourists. However one can find a plethora of hotels to stay in Dhanbad which is the nearest city to Gomoh and is located at a distance of 38 kms from Gomoh. There are a very few eateries in the town. Among the top eateries the Shahi Darbar restaurant is the most renowned one in the town. It serves both as a restaurant and café. The contact details of Shahi Darbar have been given below.

Shahi Darbar
Address: At Post Offc. Sahubahiyar, Opposite S.T. Thomas School, Topchanchi, Gomoh, Dhanbad, Pin code- 828401

Services in Gomoh

Both state and local administration takes care to bestow the locals with the basic utility services. The road and rail transport conditions were in pathetic state in past, which is now improving with the constant efforts of the Jharkhand Government. Gomoh has been furnishing its residents with a handful of essential services such as gas agencies, post office, police station and a few banks. Following are a few notable services offered at Gomoh.

Essential Services in Gomoh
Utility Services

Hospital in Gomoh

Government Health Care Hospital
Address: Jitpur, Gomoh, Jharkhand, Pin code- 828401

Post Office in Gomoh

Office Name: Gomoh S.O.(Sub Office)
Head Office: Dhanbad H.O
Address: Gomoh Railway clny, Phesmi, Diesel Shed, Loco Bazaar, Purana Bazaar, Gomoh, Pin code- 828401
Phone number: 03262473186

Police Station in Gomoh

Address: Gomoh Police Station, 114-2, Station Rd, Gomoh, Pin code- 828401
Landmark: Nr Gomoh Railway Stn
Phone number: 03262472715

Gas Agencies in Gomoh

Daya Gas Service
Address: Topchachi Rd, Khesmi, Gomoh, Pin code- 828401
Landmark: Nr Dhanbad Central Co-Operative Bank
Phone number: 03262472375

Vinay HP Gas Agency
Address: A-154, Saraidhela, Gomoh, Pin code- 828401
Landmark: Nr Saraidhela Bus Stand
Phone number: 03262210505

Banks in Gomoh

Bank Name: State Bank Of India
IFSC Code: SBIN0012626
Branch Code: 012626
Address: Railway Station Compound, Nr Police Stn, Gomoh, District Dhanbad, Jharkhand, Pin code- 828401
Phone number: 9431104355

Bank Name: Allahabad Bank
IFSC Code: ALLA0210015
Branch Code: 210015
Address: Purna Bazaar, Gomoh, District Dhanbad, Jharkahand, Pin code- 828401
Phone number: 03262472514

Bank Name: Bank Of India
IFSC Code: BKID0004734
Branch Code: 004734
Address: Purana Bazaar, Gomoh, District Dhanbad, Jharkahand, Pin code- 828401
Phone number: 03262472193

Shopping in Gomoh

If you happen to be in Gomoh, you would definitely like to have some shopping experience as well. However, shopping in Gomoh may not be very fulfilling if you are a crazy shopaholic. Purana Bazaar and Loco Bazaar are a few renowned markets for shopping for jewelry, clothing and other miscellaneous items. There are also a couple of grocery stores and general stores that lie in various localities of the Gomoh town. Some notable shops for various shopping items in Gomoh have been mentioned below:

Raj Jewellers
Address: 63 Sona Patti Para, Gomoh, Dhanbad, Pin code- 828401
Landmark: Nr Kali Mandir
Phone number: +(91)-326-2240363

Navratan Jewellers
Address: 614 Purana Bazaar, Gomoh, Dhanbad, Pin code- 828401
Landmark: Nr State Bank of India
Phone number: +(91)-326-2473210

Sony Jewellers
Address: 517 Katras, Gomoh, Dhanbad, Pin code- 828401
Landmark: Nr Chawra Mansion
Phone number: +(91)-326-2372757

Address: Gomoh, Dhanbad, Pin code- 828401
Phone number: +(91)-9835761556

Sanghai Cloth Stores
Address: Jharia Rd Kapra Patti, Gomoh, Dhanbad, Pin code- 828401
Landmark: Nr Hanuman Mandir
Phone number: +(91)-326-2360420

Gomoh Hardware Stores
Address: Purana Bazar, Gomoh, Dhanbad, Pin code- 828401
Landmark: Nr Allahabad Bank
Phone number: +(91)-9431511994

Madan Cloth Store
Address: 617 1 Hospital Rd, Gomoh, Dhanbad, Pin code- 828401
Landmark: Nr Raj Hospital
Phone number: +(91)-326-2460479

Autar Cloth Store
Address: 13 1 Topchachi, Gomoh, Dhanbad, Pin code- 828401
Landmark: Nr Durga Mandir
Phone number: +(91)-326-2482224

Shyam Cloth Stores
Address: 417 Mahuda Rd, Gomoh, Dhanbad, Pin code- 828401
Landmark: Nr State Bank of India
Phone number: +(91)-326-2271474

Prasad Kirana Store (Grocery Store)
Address: Bisunpur, Nr Shiv Mandir, Bisunpur, Gomoh, Jharkhand, Pin code- 828401
Phone number: 9939510996

Munna General Store
Address: Gomoh, Dhanbad, Pin code- 828401
Phone number: +(91)-9939510973

Thus, we observe that Gomoh gives shelter to people from diverse culture and religions. People from varied religions come together during festivities and prove that the place has unity in diversity.

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